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Daily English 639 - Ordering Soups and Salads

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After a long tiring day at work, I stopped at a restaurant nearby for a quick meal.

Server: Hi, I’m Ursula. Can I get you something to drink?

Paulo: Yes, I’d like an iced tea and I’m also ready to order. I’ll just have a bowl of soup and a salad.

Server: Sure, no problem. What kind of soup would you like? We have chicken noodle, minestrone, and cream of mushroom.

Paulo: Do you have something that’s hearty?

Server: If you want something hearty, I would suggest our clam chowder or beef stew.

Paulo: I’ll take a bowl of beef stew.

Server: Great! What kind of salad would you like: a chef salad, Caesar salad, or Cobb salad?

Paulo: I’ll just have a garden salad.

Server: Okay, what kind of dressing would you like?

Paulo: What kind do you have?

Server: We have French, Italian, ranch, Thousand Island, and vinaigrette.

Paulo: Do you have blue cheese?

Server: Oh yes, I forgot to mention blue cheese. Okay, that’s a bowl of beef stew and a garden salad with blue cheese dressing. Will that be all?

Paulo: Yes, that’s all.


By the time I had finished placing my order, I was even more tired. Do you sometimes feel that life gives you too many choices?

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