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Daily English 643 - Liberal and Conservative News

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Bill: Why are you reading that rag?

Rachel: I enjoy reading it. I like its news coverage and its incisive commentaries.

Bill: That’s nothing but a liberal propaganda rag. You can’t believe a thing they print in there.

Rachel: That’s not true. The news stories are objective and unbiased. This magazine isn’t like the newspapers and news websites you read. Those are run by ultraconservative reactionaries, who only know how to write diatribes. If I only read the news sources you read, I would think that this world was being ruled by liberals.

Bill: The world is being ruled by liberals, at least by the liberal press.

Rachel: You’ve got to be kidding! Our politics and our financial system are run by staunch conservatives, who ignore any point of view other than their own. Those of us who are enlightened...

Bill: You call yourselves enlightened? All you and your dyed-in-the-wool liberals want to do is to tear down old traditions.

Rachel: Yes, we do want to tear down old traditions, old traditions that keep us from making progress toward...

Sophia: Mom, Dad, what’s going on in here? Why are you yelling?

Rachel: Oh, it’s nothing, honey. Go back to sleep. Your Dad and I are just having a friendly little talk.

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