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Daily English 646 - War-Related Disabilities

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Elena: How do you like your new job at the Veteran’s Hospital?

Wieland: I like it a lot. It’s really rewarding.

Elena: What do you do there, exactly?

Wieland: My job is to help returning vets who have been physically injured adjust to living with their medical disabilities.

Elena: You mean people who have lost limbs?

Wieland: Yes, some of the vets have had one or more limbs amputated. But that’s only one of the many disabilities we see at the hospital. For instance, this week I’m working with a vet who suffered serious hearing loss and a woman who has developed a visual impairment.

Elena: It sounds like a very hard job.

Wieland: It can be, but it’s also inspiring sometimes. I’ve seen people who are paralyzedparaplegics and quadriplegics – overcome their disabilities and lead full and happy lives. With the help of wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs, seeing-eye dogs, and modified cars, a lot of people with disabilities can learn to be independent. That’s part of my job.

Elena: Then you’re just the person I need to help my brother.

Wieland: Is he disabled?

Elena: Yes, he has a serious case of paralysis, caused by extreme laziness. Is there any help for him?

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