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Daily English 649 - Disliking a Sibling’s Boyfriend or Girlfriend

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Georgia: So I thought Carla was nice.

Andy: You did? I didn’t get that impression at all. I don’t know what Brian sees in her.

Georgia: Really? I thought she was really trying to make a good impression.

Andy: Yeah, she was trying too hard. She laughed too loudly at my jokes and complimented you too much on your cooking.

Georgia: Maybe she was a little too eager, but that just shows that she really likes our brother. What’s wrong with that?

Andy: Nothing is wrong with that, but did you see how clingy she was? She wouldn’t leave Brian’s side for a minute, spoke for him, and finished his sentences. I just found that really annoying.

Georgia: Brian didn’t seem to mind and that’s what really counts. Maybe he likes having an attentive girlfriend.

Andy: There’s attentive and there’s smothering. She just seemed really possessive, that’s all.

Georgia: Methinks the gentleman doth protest too much.

Andy: What do you mean by that?

Georgia: I think you might like Carla a little too much for your own good. Shame on you, being interested in your own brother’s girlfriend.

Andy: Are you crazy?! Didn’t I just tell you that I didn’t like her at all?

Georgia: Yes, but you said it with such passion!

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