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Daily English 653 - Reading Product Reviews

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Dominic: Do you want some help with that box?

Andrea: Sure, thanks.

Dominic: What is it?

Andrea: It’s a new TV. My old one has been on the fritz for a week and I needed a new one.

Dominic: Is this a highly-rated model?

Andrea: Highly-rated? I just went to the electronics store and bought it. It was on sale.

Dominic: You mean you didn’t read up on it before you bought it? You didn’t look at the reviews?

Andrea: No, I never do that. I think that’s a waste of time. I go with my gut.

Dominic: But if you read the reviews, you’ll know which product gives you the best value, which is the most reliable and durable, and which company has good customer support. Nobody wants to buy something that’s defective or poorly designed. Don’t you care about those things?

Andrea: Maybe, but who has time to do that? Instead, I go to the store and see which one I like overall. If it’s on sale, that’s all the better. That’s worked for me so far.

Dominic: Is that how you bought your old TV?

Andrea: Yeah.

Dominic: Enough said.

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