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Daily English 654 - Talking About Sound and Volume

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Delilah: Could you turn that down?

Josh: What?

Delilah: Could you turn your music down?

Josh: Oh, sure. Is there a problem?

Delilah: No, there’s no problem. I was just trying to do some reading and the ear-splitting music coming from your room made it hard to concentrate.

Josh: Sorry. I didn’t think it was that loud. I didn’t turn it up, I swear. The volume control is in the same place it always is, not one decibel higher.

Delilah: That may be true, but those high-pitched squeals coming out of your speakers are really grating. And what was that banging sound?

Josh: Oh, I was just using this hammer to fix my chair. I’m done.

Delilah: And what was that thumping noise?

Josh: Thumping noise? Oh, I was lifting weights and dropping them back down on the floor.

Delilah: I see. If you could please keep the volume to a moderate level, I would appreciate it.

Josh: No problem. I’ll be as quiet as a mouse – as I always am.

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