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Daily English 661 - Demanding an Apology

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Vera: That was uncalled for. You owe me an apology!

Alvaro: Chill out. It was a joke!

Vera: It wasn’t funny and it crossed the line.

Alvaro: Why are you freaking out? Get over it. I was just joking.

Vera: You really hurt my feelings.

Alvaro: For God’s sake, I didn’t mean it. I take it back, okay?

Vera: You do?

Alvaro: Yes, I do.

Vera: And you’re sorry? You really regret what you said?

Alvaro: I’m sorry you heard my joke.

Vera: That’s not a real apology. You owe me a real apology. What you said was cruel.

Alvaro: I made a joke about you being over the hill. You’re clearly not over the hill, so it was clearly a joke. Okay?

Vera: Do you really think I’m old?

Alvaro: No, I don’t. But you know what you’re doing to me right now? You’re taking years off my life!

Category: Relationships + Family