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Daily English 666 - Traveling to Less Popular Sites

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Slow Speed begins at: 1:30
Explanation begins at: 3:12

Vanessa: Put away that guidebook. I want our vacation to be exciting and unique, not cookie cutter. Tourists all visit the same sites. I want to explore and go to some places off the beaten path.

Justin: That would be fine except we’ve never traveled to Podville before and we don’t speak the language. How are we going to make our way around if we don’t plan out our trip?

Vanessa: We’ll be fine. Stop worrying. We spend too much time planning. Let’s just fly by the seat of our pants.

Justin: You really want to just go unprepared? That’s just not sensible. Anything could happen.

Vanessa: I’m not going to lose sleep over it. We just need to meet some locals and they’ll be able to tell us about the hidden, secluded, and offbeat sites. Those are the ones I want to see.

Justin: You can explore all you like, but I’m bringing some insurance.

Vanessa: What insurance?

Justin: I’m bringing two guidebooks and this phone number.

Vanessa: Phone number for what?

Justin: The phone number for the American embassy. That’s where I plan to go for help when you get lost off the beaten path!

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