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Daily English 667 - Trying to Remember

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Randal: Hurry up. Rob will be here any minute.

Marjorie: I can’t remember the combination to this lock.

Randal: I thought you knew it by heart.

Marjorie: It’s on the tip of my tongue, but I can’t seem to remember the last two digits. It’s 73 or 63 or 38...

Randal: You said you had it down cold!

Marjorie: I do know it, but it’s just slipped my mind. I’ll figure it out. I used a mnemonic to remember those last two digits. I just need to jog my memory. The last digits have to do with my birthday, or is it Rob’s birthday...

Randal: I only let you in on this little joke we’re going to play on Rob because you said you knew the combination to the lock on his bike. I should have known you were lying through your teeth.

Marjorie: I wasn’t lying. I really do know it. If you’ll just stop talking so I can concentrate...

Randal: Too late. Here comes Rob. Run for your life, if you know what’s good for you!

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