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Daily English 675 - Having Furniture Delivered

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I was waiting patiently for the furniture store to deliver my new bed. I was given a window of 1:00 to 4:00. At 4:50, the delivery truck pulled up in front of my house.


Zuly: Hello.

Danny: Hi! We’re from Reliable Furniture. We’re here to deliver your new bed.

Zuly: I thought you’d never get here. The new bed should go in the bedroom. Follow me. You’ll haul away the old bed, right?

Danny: We will for an extra charge.

Zuly: I thought that was included in the price of the new bed.

Danny: Let me check the paperwork. Oh, I guess it is. We’ll take away the old bed and bring in the new one.

Zuly: Okay, this way. You can bring the bed right in here.

Danny: Okay, here you are. We’re all done.

Zuly: Aren’t you guys going to remove the bubble wrap, assemble the pieces, and set up the bed?

Danny: We can, but it’ll cost extra.

Zuly: I’m sure that’s included in the price of the new bed.

Danny: Let me check...Okay, I guess we’ll set it up. We’re just running a little late, that’s all. We got a late start from the warehouse this morning and it’s already past quitting time.


I wasn’t too happy, to say the least, but I was at their mercy and didn’t say anything. But as soon as they’re finished, I’ll be ready to give them a piece of my mind!

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