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Daily English 678 - Reporting Damaged Luggage

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I picked up my luggage off of the baggage carousel and noticed that the handle was broken and some of my clothes were falling out of the open zipper. The bag looked like it had been mishandled, but could someone have tampered with it, too? I went to the baggage claim office to report what I found.

Clerk: Next. How can I help you?

Jordan: I retrieved my bag and found that it’s been damaged.

Clerk: What’s the problem?

Jordan: The handle is broken and I think someone has gone through my bag.

Clerk: That was probably security. They may have searched your luggage.

Jordan: Yes, but my camera is missing and everything is in disarray. I’m not sure if other things are missing.

Clerk: Why don’t you make a more thorough inspection over there and then you can file a claim for anything that’s missing or broken.

Jordan: Will I be compensated for the damage to my luggage and for my missing camera?

Clerk: I really can’t say.

Jordan: How long will it take for someone to contact me?

Clerk: I really can’t say. Next!


I knew a blow off when I heard it, but I looked through my bag anyway and filled out the forms. Who knows? Miracles do happen, don’t they?

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