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Daily English 686 - Roles Within a Family

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Larissa: I’m really nervous about meeting your family.

Vince: You don’t need to be. They’ll love you and you’ll fit right in.

Larissa: Okay, but I want to make sure I know everyone I’ll be meeting. Your Grandmother Celine is the matriarch of the family and your Uncle Nick is the black sheep of the family, is that right?

Vince: That’s right, but none of us let on that Uncle Nick is considered the prodigal son. He was really rebellious when he was young and left home when he was 17. He came back 15 years later, but nobody really knows what happened during that time. He’s always been a little eccentric.

Larissa: I’ll be sure to steer clear of Uncle Nick, in that case. Let’s see, you told me that he is the oldest and your Aunt Sue is the baby of the family. Where does your Aunt Lily come in?

Vince: She’s the middle child and is always the scapegoat for anything that goes wrong. At least that’s what my grandfather has told me all these years.

Larissa: That’s your Grandfather Albert, the patriarch of the family, right?

Vince: Yes, you’ve got it. I’m impressed you remembered so much about my family.

Larissa: If I’m walking into the lion’s den, then I want to be prepared.

Vince: Don’t think of it that way. They’re all going to love you.

Larissa: Famous last words!

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