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Daily English 693 - Following a Dress Code

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Tae: What are you doing? Why are you taking all of my clothes out of my suitcase? I just finished packing that.

Nicole: You’ve packed all of the wrong things. We’re going on a luxury cruise and all you’ve packed are shorts and t-shirts.

Tae: I’m going on vacation and I don’t have to dress to impress.

Nicole: You’ve never been on a cruise like this one, but I have, and there’s a dress code. You’ll need formal wear for some of the dinners.

Tae: I’m not wearing a suit and tie on vacation.

Nicole: No, not a suit and tie. There’ll be a dance the final night of the cruise that’s black tie, so you’ll need your tuxedo. I’m bringing a few cocktail dresses myself. Don’t worry. You can go semi-formal the rest of the evenings.

Tae: This is ridiculous. I have to wear business attire 300 days out of the year and you’re making me dress up when I finally go on a vacation.

Nicole: You don’t have to dress up the entire time. You can go California casual during the day. I’m just asking that you look presentable a few hours each day. Is that so hard?

Tae: I knew there was a catch when you booked this vacation. It’s less a vacation for me than a dress-up party for you!

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