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Daily English 699 - Dealing With the Paparazzi

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Fredo: I feel like a prisoner in my own home! I can’t step outside without the paparazzi snapping pictures of me. They stake out my house 24 hours a day.

Amanda: I suppose that’s the price of fame. You do have the most popular podcast in the world.

Fredo: But they’re such a pain in the neck! They don’t just take pictures. They chase me in my car and follow me into restrooms, trying to corner me. It’s an invasion of privacy.

Amanda: You’re right, but look on the bright side. The paparazzi give you plenty of exposure. They keep your name – and your face – in the spotlight.

Fredo: It would be fine if they just took a few candid shots while I’m at dinner or at the store, but they try to take photos when I’m out of town, trying to catch me doing something I shouldn’t.

Amanda: At least, that’s good news for your wife. She can call off that private detective she hired to follow you from city to city!

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