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Daily English 702 - Finding Other Singles

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I was tired of being single. All of my friends had paired up and I was left hanging. Like everybody else these days, I tried using the Internet to find other singles, but I never had any luck. Cruising for my ideal woman among a bunch of lonely hearts is like looking for a needle in a haystack. I needed another strategy.

I finally hit on a brilliant idea. I would find places where single women naturally congregate and simply show up. It may turn out to be a wild goose chase, but I was willing to give it a shot.

That’s how I decided to take a jewelry-making class at the community center. I may not know much, but I do know that two things that naturally go together are women and jewelry.

I got to the class a few minutes late so I could make a grand entrance. But when I walked in, I got the shock of my life. The room was full of single women all right, but not one of them was under the age of 70!

They were definitely glad to see me. I even received a couple of invitations to dinner that day. But to be honest, that wasn’t the kind of dinner date I had been looking for!

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