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Daily English 705 - An Exclusive Guest List

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Catherine: Do you have a draft of the guest list? We need to get the invitations out next week.

Ralph: It’s not quite done yet. I keep going back and forth about a few people I’m not sure about, like Lacy Say.

Catherine: Lacy Say? She’s a has-been. She hasn’t been in a movie for years. We only want people on the A-list at this party.

Ralph: What about Jess McGillan? I’m on the fence about him.

Catherine: He’s definitely a D-lister. This party is very exclusive and we don’t want any D-listers rubbing elbows with VIPs.

Ralph: I understand that, but what if we don’t get enough A-listers to come?

Catherine: That will not happen. This party has to be a success!

Ralph: And if we don’t have enough guests because we’ve excluded so many D-list celebrities?

Catherine: There will always be gatecrashers. We can let in a few to buff up the numbers, if push comes to shove.

Ralph: What happens to the exclusivity of the party if that happens?

Catherine: If that happens, this party has bombed and I don’t care if we even let in podcasters!

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