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Daily English 706 - Feeling Ill from Food While Traveling

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Rumi: I’m as sick as a dog!

Hugo: It serves you right. I warned you not to eat food sold by food vendors on the street. Cleanliness is not a priority at some of those food stands.

Rumi: I’m not one to turn up my nose up at street food. On the street is where you’ll find the most authentic food, the food the locals eat. And plus, I have a stomach of steel.

Hugo: You had a stomach of steel, and there’s no way to guard against undercooked or contaminated food.

Rumi: Okay, you’re right.

Hugo: It’ll probably take days for whatever it is that’s making you sick to work itself out of your system. Some vacation!

Rumi: Just be grateful you’re not puking your guts out like I am.

Hugo: Believe me, I’m thanking my lucky stars.

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