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Daily English 711 - A Difficult Place to Find

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Ricardo: I’m making one more pass and if we don’t see a sign for the hotel, I’m heading back into town. I’m tired and I want a shower.

Marsha: I’m sure we’ll find it. When I talked to the desk clerk, she said that the hotel is hidden away behind some trees and to keep an eye out for their white sign.

Ricardo: Did she say blink and you’ll miss it? Because we’ve driven past this stretch three times and I don’t see a sign.

Marsha: She just said that they’re a little off the beaten path.

Ricardo: If they know that their hotel is so hard to find, why don’t they make it more prominent with some kind of landmark?

Marsha: That’s part of the charm of a small hotel hideaway. It doesn’t have neon signs and it’s tucked away far from the tourist areas.

Ricardo: That’s all good and fine, but we have to find it first. Okay, this is the last pass. Keep your eyes peeled.

Marsha: There it is! I’ve spotted the sign. It’s over there, see?

Ricardo: Yeah, now I see it. Geez, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack!

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