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Daily English 714 - Dining with a Foodie

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I invited my friend Nick to try a new restaurant with me. This restaurant was the latest thing, and since Nick was a foodie, I thought he would have an interesting take on the meal.


Anita: So, what did you think of the first course?

Nick: I thought it was passable.

Anita: Just passable?

Nick: Yes, it was a run-of-the-mill dish you could find in any fine dining restaurant. No gourmet would be bowled over by it.

Anita: Oh, I thought it was pretty good. What about the main course?

Nick: I thought the fish wasn’t seasoned properly and it was a touch overcooked.

Anita: I’m sorry to hear that.

Nick: And the wine pairing was all wrong.

Anita: I’m not a wine aficionado, so I guess my palate isn’t as sophisticated as yours. I thought the wine was wonderful.

Nick: Hmm, in my opinion, the entire meal was forgettable.


That was the last time I invited Nick to join me for a meal. I thought the meal was delicious, but Nick’s comments left a bad taste in my mouth!

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