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Daily English 722 - Talking About Television Shows

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Cleo: The new TV season is starting this week and I can’t wait. I’ve been watching reruns all summer and I’m ready for the premiers of my favorite shows.

Victor: You watch Madwomen, right?

Cleo: Yes, it’s my favorite show.

Victor: Then I’ve got some bad news for you. It’s been cancelled.

Cleo: How is that possible? The show was on hiatus last season because of contract negotiations, but I heard that it had been renewed for another season. The season finale was a cliffhanger!

Victor: I know, but something must have gone wrong. They filmed two episodes, which they’ll air, but then there’ll be a mid-season replacement.

Cleo: This is outrageous! I’ve been waiting nearly two years for its return. Oh well, at least I can watch my other favorite show tonight, Reviver.

Victor: Sorry, but it’s been preempted. The President is giving a televised speech tonight.

Cleo: Are you kidding me?!

Victor: Nope, sorry.

Cleo: The world is conspiring against me. I’ve had enough. I’m giving up TV watching!

Victor: You? That I’ve got to see!

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