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Daily English 723 - Things Associated with Autumn

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Erin: Smell that!

Sean: Smell what?

Erin: Can’t you smell the changing of the seasons? I love autumn. The fall colors are out and there’s a chill is in the air.

Sean: That means I’ll be raking leaves every weekend when I should be watching football.

Erin: How can you be so grumpy when you see cute little squirrels squirreling away their nuts for the winter?

Sean: That just means they’re running across the roof even more often, waking me up every morning.

Erin: Not even you can put a damper on my good mood. I can’t wait for homecoming games and especially the harvest festivals. They’ll be hayrides, bonfires, and s’mores!

Sean: As you know, I have hay allergies and those bonfires are a danger to the environment. And I don’t like s’mores, in the summer or in the fall.

Erin: How can you be such a party-pooper?

Sean: The only good thing about the fall is that it’s right before winter when bears go into hibernation, so I won’t have to worry about running into one. Hey, what’s this?

Erin: This is a cup of hot chocolate to put you in the fall mood. Drink up and we’ll go for a walk outside. It’s a beautiful day and a walk will help you see all that you’re missing.

Sean: I’ll drink the hot chocolate, but don’t expect any epiphanies.

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