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Daily English 725 - Childhood Illnesses and Diseases

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Rebecca: You look exhausted! Another tough day at the daycare center?

Puneet: Yeah, it was. This is a record year for the kids getting sick. The chicken pox is going around. Last year, it was the measles. The year before that, it was the mumps. This year, it’s the chicken pox.

Rebecca: You sent the kids home, right?

Puneet: Yeah, but today, a couple of the kids looked like they have pink eye, and I had to call their parents to let them know.

Rebecca: What happened to simple nosebleeds and earaches?

Puneet: Oh, we have kids with those, too, but it’s the contagious diseases that really take its toll. I’m not sure, but I think one of the little kids has strep throat, and a couple of the really little kids have croup. I wish there were a way to immunize all of them from every illness and disease out there.

Rebecca: Are you sure you’re working in a daycare center?

Puneet: Yeah, why?

Rebecca: Because it just sounds like you’re working at the Center for Disease Control. Tomorrow, I suggest wearing a gas mask to work.

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