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Daily English 726 - Taking the Driving Test

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Slow Speed begins at: 1:12
Explanation begins at: 3:27
Normal Speed begins at: 18:12

Cesar: I just took the driving test. See this? That’s my new license.

May: You have to give me the play-by-play. I’m taking the test next week and I’m freaking out.

Cesar: There’s nothing to worry about. It was easy.

May: I’m not worried about the written test. It’s the driving test I’m worried about. I haven’t had a lot of practice. What did you have to do?

Cesar: Well, we got into the car and I fastened my seat belt. The examiner had me drive around the block, checking to see that I stopped at the stop signs and traffic signals.

May: That sounds okay. Did you have to drive on the freeway?

Cesar: Yeah, I went on the onramp and merged into traffic. She had me change lanes and accelerate to pass another driver. Just don’t forget to signal and don’t go over the speed limit.

May: Did you have to parallel park? That’s what I’m most worried about.

Cesar: Yeah, I parallel parked, but it was easy. Why are you so worried about the test?

May: I told you. I haven’t had very much practice.

Cesar: Exactly how many times have you been behind the wheel?

May: Well, a few times...maybe two times, and that was around a parking lot.

Cesar: Wow, you’d better get more practice if you’re going to take the test next week.

May: Could you...?

Cesar: Uh, sorry, but I’ve got someplace to be.

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