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Daily English 727 - Home Architectural Styles

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Ralph: I just talked to our new real estate agent and she’s going to show us some houses tomorrow. I told her that the bigger the better and that we’re looking for a large Cape Cod or Georgian-style house.

Nina: You did? I’ve been thinking that we’d try to find something more modest, a bungalow or a cottage.

Ralph: What?! You think I’m going to live in a house that’s a step up from a mobile home? No way. We’ve come into some money and we’re going to buy a big house – maybe a colonial or a Greek revival.

Nina: If you want something bigger than a bungalow, how about a split-level modern house or maybe a ranch-style house?

Ralph: You’re still thinking too small. The sky’s the limit. We can afford something big, something really big.

Nina: That’s what the nouveau riche would do.

Ralph: So what? Our money is new and we have a lot of it, and I want a big house. We’re not being ostentatious. If anyone criticizes us for that, I’d say, “Deal with it!”

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