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Daily English 733 - Voting in an Election

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Khaled: Are you going to the polling place or are you voting by absentee ballot again?

Bernice: I always vote with an absentee ballot so I can vote in the comfort of my own home and in my own time. In fact, I’ve already mailed in my ballot.

Khaled: Good for you. Which candidate did you vote for in the governor’s race?

Bernice: I didn’t vote for either of the bozos that are running. I voted for a write-in candidate.

Khaled: A write-in candidate? There isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that a write-in candidate is going to win this election.

Bernice: That may be so, but I have to vote with my conscience, and I can’t bring myself to vote for either of those people. Have you voted?

Khaled: Not yet. I’m going to vote at the polls on Election Day. I want more time to think about whom to vote for and to read up on the ballot measures. There are a lot of them this time.

Bernice: Yeah, but the governor’s race is the only thing I care about. I can’t stand the thought of having either of those bozos as the next governor.

Khaled: Just out of curiosity, who did you write in as a candidate?

Bernice: You.

Khaled: Me?! You’re crazy. I don’t want to be governor.

Bernice: It was either you or me, and I’d rather not be a candidate and have to be in the company of those bozos.

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