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Daily English 734 - Believing in Scary Things

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Ella: No matter what you say, I am not going out tonight. It’s Halloween and evilthings are lurking everywhere.

Jimmy: Come on, it’s Halloween! It’s the holiday when kids get dressed up and ask for candy. There is nothing evil or creepy about this day. If you’re scared stiff, it’s your own doing.

Ella: Don’t kid yourself. This is the day when ghosts, witches, zombies, and vampires come out and have a field day. I’ve got goosebumps just thinking about it.

Jimmy: Do you mean you actually believe in all of that stuff? You are too old to be so gullible. I’m going out.

Ella: Look! Hurry up and close that door! There’s a black cat. Oh my God. If you walk out that door, the next time I see you, it might be in a graveyard.

Jimmy: You’re crazy and I’m leaving.

Ella: If you have to go, take these with you.

Jimmy: What are they?

Ella: It’s a cross and some garlic. You’ll thank me later.

Jimmy: Ugh!

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