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Daily English 737 - Kitchen Appliances

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Victoria: As you can see, this executive apartment is fully equipped. When you called and asked for the best available apartment, I thought of this one immediately. Just look at this kitchen! All of the appliances are top of the line.

Justin: Do you mind if I take a closer look? I like to cook.

Victoria: No problem. The refrigerator has a high capacity, with the freezer on the bottom.

Justin: But there’s no ice maker.

Victoria: No, that’s one of the few things it doesn’t have.

Justin: Hmm…Is this range gas or electric?

Victoria: It’s gas, and it has a broiler on the bottom, see?

Justin: Is the stove self-cleaning?

Victoria: I’m afraid not, but it’s stainless steel, as you can see.

Justin: That’s too bad. Is the dishwasher new?

Victoria: It’s not brand new, but it’s in very good condition. The microwave, toaster, and coffee maker also come with the apartment. What do you think? Do you think it’ll suit your needs?

Justin: When I asked for your best, I expected the Cadillac of apartments. You’ve shown me a Pinto!

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