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Daily English 742 - Admiring Someone from Afar

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Perry: Look at her! What I wouldn’t give to get a date with her.

Lynn: You should go talk to her and ask her for her number.

Perry: No way! She’s completely out of my league. See that guy she’s talking to? He’s the kind of guy who’ll get her number.

Lynn: That guy has nothing on you. The only thing that guy has that you don’t is confidence.

Perry: See? She’s giving him her number. I don’t have a chance.

Lynn: But look what he’s doing with it. He’s throwing it away. What a jerk! Wait here.

Perry: Hey, where are you going?

Lynn: I’ve got it. Here it is. Here’s her number. Call her.

Perry: Call her?! Out of the blue? You’re crazy. She’ll think I’m some kind of creep.

Lynn: No, she’ll think you’re being bold. She’ll love that.

Perry: What am I supposed to say to her? “Hi, I stole your phone number and I’d like a date.”

Lynn: No, tell her the truth. Tell her you saw her, admired her from afar, and wanted to ask her out.

Perry: What if she asks me how I got her number?

Lynn: Tell her you’ll tell her when you see her on your first date. You'll come off as mysterious. She’ll eat it up.

Perry: I can’t do it. There’s no way I could do that, could I?

Lynn: Yes you can. After all, no guts, no glory!

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