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Daily English 747 - Visiting a Ranch

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Piero: What’s all this?

Annie: I’m visiting my sister and brother-in-law’s new ranch next month and I’m getting ready for it. I know I’m a city girl, but I plan to fit right in on that ranch and work alongside all of the other cowboys.

Piero: Well, you look the part. You’ve got your cowboy hat, a lasso, and are those chaps?

Annie: Yes, of course. How else could I ride with them on the cattle drive?

Piero: Cattle drive? Are you sure it’s a working ranch?

Annie: I think so. Why would they buy a ranch if they don’t plan to have horses and livestock?

Piero: Don’t ask me. What’s all that stuff in the bags?

Annie: That’s all equipment I’ll need to ride a horse: a bridle, a bit, and ta-da – my own saddle!

Piero: This is all stuff that they should have at the ranch already, don’t you think?

Annie: Yes, but I’ll need to go horseback riding this weekend to practice.

Piero: That’s a good idea. Have you been riding horses long?

Annie: This weekend will be my first time.

Piero: You’re riding a horse for the first time this weekend and you plan to work at your sister’s ranch next month?

Annie: Sure, how hard could it be? It’s just like riding a bike, right?

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