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Daily English 751 - Describing One’s Taste in Music

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Arturo: What are you listening to?

Ling: Some new music. You want to hear it?

Arturo: All right. That’s pretty mellow, kinda bluesy, isn’t it? It’s got an interesting indie feel.

Ling: Do you like it?

Arturo: It’s all right. I like more funky, dance music myself, but this is okay. It’s not too depressing.

Ling: That’s faint praise.

Arturo: No, no, I do like it. I guess I’m usually in the mood for more up-tempo music, something with a driving beat. I’m a hard-core MC-Quillan fan, if that’s any indication.

Ling: Oh, I see, so you don’t really like acoustic music much.

Arturo: It’s just not my thing, you know?

Ling: Yeah, that’s too bad.

Arturo: Why?

Ling: That was a track I recorded last week.

Arturo: This is your music? In that case, I love it.

Ling: You’re just saying that.

Arturo: No, really, it’s growing on me. In fact, I want to hear more. How about if I bring over some dinner on Saturday and you can play me a few more tracks?

Ling: You don’t mind?

Arturo: Believe me, I’ll be all ears.

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