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Daily English 754 - Being in a Flood

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Cherise: Well, that was a rude awakening at 2:00 in the morning!

Don: At least we got out of our room before it flooded. It serves us right for planning a vacation here during the rainy season. Our luggage is probably soaked.

Cherise: Oh, no, I’d forgotten about our clothes. If the water doesn’t recede soon, everything will have mold and mildew on it.

Don: The sump pumps are working as we speak. Hopefully, we can retrieve our stuff soon.

Cherise: Maybe I should go downstairs and try to salvage what I can, before things get washed away.

Don: What?! You could drown in all that water. Forget it!

Cherise: Drown in three feet of water? Don’t be silly.

Don: I’ve seen you swim. Come on, let’s just wait until we get the go-ahead.

Cherise: I still think I should try.

Don: I have one word for you: snakes.

Cherise: Enough said!

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