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Daily English 758 - Showing Off a New Purchase

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Monica: Wow, check you out! When did you buy a new car?

Kevin: This isn’t just any new car. It’s a Ferrari.

Monica: I can see that. It must have set you back a few.

Kevin: Yeah, but it was worth it. You should see the looks I get riding around in this baby. My brother is green with envy.

Monica: Then you’ve been showing it off around town.

Kevin: No, I’ve just been showing it off to a few friends and family members. There’s no sense owning a fine machine like this and not bragging a little, right?

Monica: Especially since your brother has been gloating about his new boat, you mean.

Kevin: There is that. I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I think a new Ferrari trumps a measly new boat, don’t you?

Monica: Do you and your brother always whip it out like this?

Kevin: Like what? I’m just sharing my new toy with my brother. I’m sure he’s just as happy for me as I was for him when he bought his new boat.

Monica: Truer words were never spoken.

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