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Daily English 759 - Worrying About Your Children

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Pavel: I’m really worried about Hanna. She’s been hanging around with that girl Carla, and Carla runs with the wrong crowd.

Hillary: Hanna is rebelling a little. That’s natural at her age. When I was her age, I thought I knew more than my parents or any adult, and that I should be able to make all of my own decisions.

Pavel: I’m not talking about being stricter on her, but she’s become so secretive. I’m really worried that she might get exposed to things that should be off-limits at her age.

Hillary: There’s no way we can keep her from seeing her friends short of locking her in her room. We have to trust her and let her come to us if she runs into problems. We raised her right and she can handle herself.

Pavel: I wish I had your confidence. She’s a girl, remember? All kinds of things can happen to girls.

Hillary: We’ve talked to her a lot about those things and what we feel are right and wrong. A lot of things can happen to boys, too, or don’t you remember? Hanna takes after you and she has your brains and resourcefulness. Like father, like daughter, so stop worrying so much,

Pavel: Do you really think she’ll be okay?

Hillary: Yes, I do. Take comfort in knowing that she’s just exactly like you. When she has a daughter of her own, she’ll stay up nights worrying, just like you.

Pavel: That’s small comfort!

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