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Daily English 762 - Eating a Family Dinner

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My roommate, Jim, invited me over to his house for a family meal. I’m an only child, so I’m not used to a big family dinner. I felt like a fish out of water.

Jim’s mother: Sit down, everybody. Dinner’s ready.

Phil: Thank you for having me over, Mrs. Moreno.

Jim’s mother: Don’t mention it. Just sit down and eat. Jim, pass the potatoes, and Dana, don’t hog the peas. Hand them both to Phil.

Phil: Thank you, Mrs. Moreno, but I’ve already taken a helping of each dish.

Jim’s mother: Then you need to have seconds. You’re too skinny. Eat up!

Phil: This food is really good, but I don’t think I have the appetite for more. My plate is already overloaded.

Jim’s mother: All right, no more potatoes or peas, but you need more ham. Laura, serve Phil some more ham, and Jason, round up some more rolls.

Phil: No, no, please. I really couldn’t eat more than what’s already on my plate.

Jim’s mother: Don’t be ridiculous. I know you’re saving room for dessert. There’s an apple pie, a strawberry shortcake, a cheesecake, and some ice cream.

I now know why Jim only comes home for meals every once in a while. Eating like this more than once a week would give anybody a coronary!

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