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Daily English 763 - Dealing with an Apartment Super

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George: Did you call the super about fixing the leaky faucet?

Louise: I called him on Monday, but I haven’t heard back yet.

George: Well, call him again. This window is stuck and it won’t close.

Louise: I’ll call him, but I think he’s avoiding our calls.

George: He’s the worst super we’ve ever had. He’s in charge of the maintenance around this place, but instead, he hides out in his apartment. Whenever there’s a problem, he tells us he’s too busy to get to it right away. Too busy doing what, I’d like to know.

Louise: Maybe he is overworked. There are 25 units in this building, so it’s conceivable that he’s busy making repairs – somewhere.

George: That’s what he’s counting on, people like you who give him the benefit of the doubt. All the while he’s drinking coffee and reading the newspaper somewhere. Mark my words.

Louise: I’ll call him again. Maybe we’ll catch him in his apartment.

George: Save your energies.

Louise: Where are you going and what are you doing with that baseball bat?

George: I’m going to track down that super and bring him back here. Come hell or high water, he’s making those repairs – today!

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