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Daily English 770 - Joining a Tour

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Darrel: What are you looking at?

Alice: Tours for our vacation. I was thinking that it’d be hard for us to get around on our own, so I think joining a tour is a good idea.

Darrel: Really? I thought we’d make our way around leisurely to see the sites. I don’t like the fast pace of tours. I’d rather have the time to take in each site, not rush through it just to say I’ve been there.

Alice: Tours come in all shapes and sizes. I’m sure we can find one that isn’t too fast-paced or strenuous for you.

Darrel: And I don’t want to eat all my meals with the tour group. I want some time to explore on our own.

Alice: All right, I’m looking at a tour that has the perfect itinerary. It’s also gotten rave reviews. It includes a tour guide, all admission fees, accommodations, ground transportation, and most of the meals. And there are several free mornings and afternoons built-in so we can explore on our own.

Darrel: I don’t know.

Alice: The alternative is for you to plan each stop of our trip.

Darrel: A tour is sounding better and better.

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