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Daily English 771 - Commuting by Train

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Lisa: Can you tell me if this is the right platform for the train to Arlington?

Omar: Yes, it is. Is this your first time taking the train?

Lisa: Is it that obvious?

Omar: No, you just look a little lost.

Lisa: I’m starting a new job and I have to commute to work for the first time.

Omar: Oh, I see. Did you buy a ticket at the ticket machine?

Lisa: Yes, I did, when I entered the station. I hope I bought the right one.

Omar: Let me see. Yes, that’s the right one. The good news is that I haven’t heard any announcements about the train being delayed, like it has been a couple of times this week, so it should be on time.

Lisa: I’m relieved to hear that. I can’t afford to be late to work on my first day. Will I need to show this ticket to get on the train?

Omar: Not when you get on. After the train is under way, the conductor will walk down the aisle to collect it.

Lisa: Oh, I see, thanks. That sounds simple.

Omar: It is simple if you can actually find a seat. It can be pretty crowded on these commuter trains. Sometimes it’s standing room only.

Lisa: Let’s hope for the best.

Omar: Stick with me. I’ll elbow a few people out of the way to get you a seat.

Lisa: [laughs] Thanks, I think.

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