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Daily English 773 - Dealing With Debt

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Kristin: Let’s go shopping!

Ed: Wait a second. What are all these?

Kristin: They’re bills, but they don’t have to be paid yet. Don’t worry. Let’s go! There’s a new pair of shoes with my name on it.

Ed: Hold on a minute. This is a notice saying that you’re behind on your house payments and if you don’t pay soon, your house will go into foreclosure.

Kristin: Oh, they’re just bluffing. I’m only a little behind in my payments. I’ll get to it next week.

Ed: And this is a notice from your bank telling you that your car is being repossessed because you haven’t made a car payment in three months. Is that true?

Kristin: I refuse to look at anything as boring as a bill today.

Ed: And these are from the power company and the phone company. They’re going to cut off your services if you don’t pay now.

Kristin: If I could just charge those payments, I’d be okay.

Ed: Not with these credit cards. You’re maxed out. I’m surprised you haven’t heard from collection agencies already.

Kristin: Maybe I have. They can hound me all they want, but I’m not that behind on my payments. I’m tired of waiting. I’m going shopping with or without you.

Ed: You’re on your own. I refuse to help you toward your financial ruin!

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