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Daily English 779 - Giving CPR

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Joyce: Lie down on the floor.

Steve: Why?

Joyce: I have to practice for my CPR exam tomorrow. I’m taking it so I can get my CPR certification. Lie down please.

Steve: Okay, okay. Now what do I do?

Joyce: You just lie there and pretend to be unresponsive, like you’re in cardiac arrest. Okay, I need to determine your heart rate and if you’re breathing or not. Then, I check to see that your airway isn’t blocked.

Steve: Hey, get your fingers out of my mouth!

Joyce: Lie still! You’re lucky I don’t have to administer artificial respiration.

Steve: Thank God for small favors!

Joyce: But I do need to practice restoring your circulation by doing chest compressions.

Steve: Ouch, that hurts!

Joyce: You’re supposed to be unresponsive, remember? Hold still while I get the defibrillator.

Steve: Oh, no, you don’t! From now on, as far as you’re concerned, I’m a case of do not resuscitate!

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