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Daily English 781 - Filming a TV Show or Movie

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Martin: Okay, quiet on the set! What are the extras doing over there? They’re not in this scene.

Stephanie: Sorry, I’ll get them off the set. Is this the lighting you wanted for this scene? If not, I can tell the lighting crew.

Martin: The lighting is fine, but this staging is all wrong. And can somebody turn off those sound effects? We’re not using them in this scene.

Stephanie: I’ll get right on that.

Martin: Where is the cast?

Stephanie: They’re on break because they thought we wouldn’t resume shooting until two o'clock.

Martin: That’s great! I have no cast, the sets are all wrong, I have extras milling around where they shouldn’t be, and where is my script?

Stephanie: It’s right here on your chair. Are you sure you don’t want to call it a day and start again in the morning?

Martin: I wish I had that luxury. Time is money and we’re already way over budget. I’ll be lucky if I still have the shirt on my back when this production is over!

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