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Daily English 786 - Going to a Bar

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I’d been complaining to a coworker, Amy, about having to move to the burbs for my job. She said that there were plenty of things to do outside of the city and invited me to a bar she likes.

Amy: Hey, there you are.

Mykhailo: Hey, so this is the famous McQ’s you’ve been talking about.

Amy: This is it. What would you like to drink? They have several beers on tap and pretty good well drinks.

Mykhailo: I think I’ll get a couple of shots.

Amy: On a Wednesday night? You guys do party hard in the city.

Mykhailo: I’ve had a really rough week and I welcome any excuse to let my hair down. That said, I won’t be getting stinking drunk on a school night. You were right. This place is nice. It even has a dance floor.

Amy: On the weekends, there’s a live band or a DJ, although there’s also a cover charge on Fridays and Saturdays.

Mykhailo: So you do know how to party in the burbs.

Amy: Didn’t I tell you?

Mykhailo: But for me to get a thorough impression of the burbs, I’ll have to come here to check it out this weekend. What are you doing Saturday night?

Amy: Actually, I plan on coming here.

Mykhailo: Want some company?

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