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Daily English 791 - Taking Photographs

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Slow Speed begins at: 1:03
Explanation begins at: 2:47
Normal Speed begins at: 13:49

Ryan: Stop mugging for the camera and stand still!

Katrina: I’ve been standing still for 10 minutes, while you’ve been setting up the shot. I have to do something. This is boring!

Ryan: I almost have the settings right. Okay, let’s try a shot. Say “cheese.”

Katrina: Cheese.

Ryan: Oh, you look washed out in that shot and it’s blurry. I think the flash came on when I didn’t want it to. You have red-eye, too. I’ll have to adjust the settings again.

Katrina: Hurry up!

Ryan: Okay, I think I’ve got it now. Get back into your pose. Lift your head a little to the side and face the sun…

Katrina: Take the picture!

Ryan: I just need to focus. There! Say “cheese” again.

Katrina: Cheese.

Ryan: Um, it’s still not perfect. Let me put the camera on a tripod. Try to stay still while I do that.

Katrina: I thought you wanted this shot to look like a candid.

Ryan: I do, but how am I supposed to make it look like a perfect candid if you keep moving out of your pose?

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