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Daily English 794 - Getting Over a Fight

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Alisa: Don’t be mad.

Sabir: I’m not mad.

Alisa: Yes, you are. I’m sorry. I admit it was my fault. Will you stop moping now?

Sabir: I’m not moping. I’m giving you the silent treatment.

Alisa: I knew it! You’re still peeved at me. What can I do to make it up to you?

Sabir: You can leave me alone.

Alisa: If I leave you alone to stew, you’ll replay the whole incident in your head and the next thing I know, you’ll hold a grudge against me. Won’t you just forgive me so we can move on?

Sabir: What you said wasn’t just a slight. It was an out-and-out insult.

Alisa: I know it was and I’m truly sorry. I’ll buy you lunch at your favorite restaurant to show you how contrite I am.

Sabir: And you won’t say it again?

Alisa: I promise I’ll never tell you again in front of your friends how much you look like Elvis – in his later years.

Category: Relationships + Family