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Daily English 805 - Listening to Shock Jocks

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I like listening to the radio on my morning commute each day. This morning, though, my favorite DJs weren’t on the air.

Howard: Do you know what happened to the Kelvin and Ben show this morning?

Robin: Kelvin and Ben are both on suspension. The FCC fined the radio station. Apparently, Kelvin and Ben said some things on the air two weeks ago that the FCC found objectionable.

Howard: That’s crazy! Kelvin and Ben are shock jocks. They’re supposed to say things that are provocative. They work in a big market producing a morning show with a lot of competition. They have to push the envelope.

Robin: That may be true, but the FCC said that they went too far. On Mother’s Day, they invited several mothers to be in-studio guests for a segment. They cursed them, said sexually explicit things, and called them obscene names.

Howard: They did that?!

Robin: I guess you weren’t listening that morning.

Howard: No, I wasn’t. Now I’m truly shocked!

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