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Daily English 806 - Essential and Optional Things

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Ella: It’s so exciting that you’ll be spending a month studying in McQuillanland this summer. When do you start packing?

Marty: I’ve already started. The organizers of the program gave me a list of things I need to bring.

Ella: That’s really helpful.

Marty: Yeah. They say that it’s essential that I bring both warm-weather and cold-weather clothes. The weather in McQuillanland is really unpredictable.

Ella: Oh, I didn’t know that.

Marty: Yeah, and they say that it’s advisable that I bring medications for every malady I can think of because there are a lot of health dangers.

Ella: Wow, I never knew that about McQuillanland.

Marty: Me, neither. And while it’s optional, it’s also suggested that I leave all of my valuables at home. McQuillanland has a very high crime rate and visitors are often targeted.

Ella: Geez, that’s a lot to take in.

Marty: You’re telling me. And the list says that it is absolutely required that I take a self-defense course before going. You never know what to expect in McQuillanland.

Ella: You’re not having second thoughts about going, are you?

Marty: No, why?

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