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Daily English 809 - A Weather Forecast

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Colleen: Shh! I want to hear the weather forecast for this week.

Jerry: What’s so important about this week?

Colleen: Shh!

Radio Announcer: Tomorrow, this warm front will move out and a cold front will move in, bringing with it windy conditions with a chance of thunderstorms.

Colleen: Yeah!

Radio Announcer: On Tuesday, things will clear up in the morning and we’ll have sunny skies...

Colleen: Uh!

Radio Announcer: But it will be chilly in the afternoon and the skies will be overcast. There’ll be a chance of precipitation in the evening, with very high levels of humidity.

Colleen: Yeah!

Radio Announcer: On Friday, the temperature will drop sharply and we’ll be lucky if we reach 20 degrees.

Colleen: Oh, yeah!

Jerry: What was all that about?

Colleen: If the weather is nice this weekend, my in-laws plan to drive up to spend a few days at our house.

Jerry: [laughs] Oh, I see.

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