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Daily English 821 - Eating Contaminated Food

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Rachel: This tastes funny.

Sergey: It’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with it.

Rachel: It tastes like it’s tainted or something. Don’t you detect a funny metallic taste?

Sergey: No, it’s perfectly fine. Just eat it.

Rachel: I swear there’s something off about this food. I’m not eating adulterated food. There’s probably poison in here and we’re both going to die a terrible death.

Sergey: There is nothing poisonous or toxic in this food. I made it myself.

Rachel: Did you make sure that the milk wasn’t sour and that none of the ingredients were spoiled? I’ll probably die from botulism.

Sergey: There’s nothing spoiled, tainted, toxic, or poisonous in this food. Are you going to eat that or not?

Rachel: I think I’ll pass.

Sergey: Then hand it over. I’m hungry. I’ve never met such a hypochondriac before!

Rachel: I’m not a hypochondriac. I’m just a little paranoid...

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