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Daily English 823 - Dealing With a Bothersome Person

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Melissa: I hate that guy Reuben. He’s always getting in my face.

Conan: Ooh, I sense some serious sexual tension between the two of you.

Melissa: Sexual tension? Are you out of your mind? He does nothing but give me a hard time.

Conan: That’s because he’s trying to get your attention.

Melissa: If he likes me, why doesn’t he try to get my attention by showing off, like every other guy?

Conan: Maybe he’s trying to stand out among your many admirers.

Melissa: Don’t be stupid. I don’t have a lot of admirers and I don’t want one who makes my life miserable!

Conan: Maybe if you throw him a bone, then he’ll stop his antics.

Melissa: What kind of a bone?

Conan: Ask him to the movies Saturday night.

Melissa: Me, ask him out? You’re certifiable!

Conan: I’m telling you that if you ask him out, he’ll stop pestering you.

Melissa: Putting aside the fact that I find him repulsive, if I ask him out, he’ll make me the laughingstock of this place.

Conan: I don’t think so. He’ll get what he wants and he’ll stop pestering you.

Melissa: What if it backfires and he bothers me even more?

Conan: Then you’ll get what you want – deep down!

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