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Daily English 829 - Having a Barbecue

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George: Step aside! The king of the cookout is here. I’m ready to work my magic on this barbecue.

Sophia: Here are the burgers and hot dogs. The kids are pretty hungry.

George: Hold on. I need to put on the charcoal. Now I’m ready to fire up this barbecue. Where’s the lighter fluid?

Sophia: It’s right here.

George: Good. Oh, I almost forgot. I’ll need to gather some wood to burn to give the meat that smoky flavor.

Sophia: Why don’t I do that while you get things going?

George: No, I need to do things my way. I also need to make my world-famous barbecue sauce. The meat won’t taste very good if I don’t baste it with my special sauce each time I flip it.

Sophia: Okay, how about if I get the corn on the cob ready for grilling?

George: I’ll do that. I have my own special way of preparing the corn.

Sophia: Is there anything I can do to hurry things along?

George: Perfection takes time. Would you tell Michelangelo to hurry up?

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