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Daily English 835 - Getting Shocking News

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Karla: You look like you’ve had a shock.

Chris: Yeah, that phone call threw me for a loop. My ex-girlfriend is pregnant and she wants me to take a paternity test.

Karla: Wow, that’s quite a bombshell. Are you going to do it?

Chris: Of course. If the baby is biologically mine, I want to take responsibility for it. I wanted to start a family with my ex: get married and have children – the whole shebang. So if the baby is mine, I’ll provide child support, no question. I might even fight for custody.

Karla: Really? That’s astounding. Most guys would be hoping that the baby isn’t theirs. What did your ex-girlfriend say when you told her?

Chris: She thought I would be outraged or something. Instead, she was the one who was left stunned.

Karla: I’m surprised, too. Not many guys would want to have a child without being married.

Chris: One part of me hopes the baby isn’t mine, only because my relationship with my ex-girlfriend is over and I don’t want to rekindle it. But I’m not getting any younger and another part of me really wants to be a father.

Karla: Well, the DNA test will give you proof, one way or the other. Just cross your fingers...

Chris: I would, but I’m not sure which outcome I want more!

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